Environmentally Sustainable Homes

There is great emphasis in today’s world to create and sustain an environment which impacts less and less on our natural surroundings.

Appropriate sustainable design for your new home in Tropical North Queensland embraces our most favorable environmental elements such as cooling breezes, shading and our amazing topographic surrounds.

The shape and orientation of your home is best conceived to capture and funnel cooling south easterly breezes across and throughout your home, with the longest external walls designed to face east-west and the shortest walls facing north-south, smartly limiting heat gains to external surfaces from morning and afternoon sun exposure and keeping your home cool throughout the day.

Vast open-plan spaces are great promoters of cross-ventilation in which internal hallways and walls are minimized in the design and circulation and living areas flow into each other, creating light and breezy living spaces.

Patios and verandahs are often central to the design and an important space in the Tropical North Queensland lifestyle. Verandahs should be orientated to promote maximum usability and be well protected from prevailing elements such as wind and direct sun exposure.

Additionally the building fabric, insulation and the choice of light colours play an important roll in a successful sustainable home. Light-weight buildings utilising timber and steel cool faster at night than a traditional masonry home. Although masonry construction can also be successfully utilized in conjunction with light-weight framing and attentively applying sustainable principles.

The team at East Coast Designer Builders Pty. Ltd Cairns are able to provide expertise and practical advice to bring your sustainable home into fruition. Our designer will happily groom your ideas from conception to completion to design a home to suit your style, circumstance and our amazing tropical environment.