Our Management Team

East Coast Designer Builders Pty Ltd has an experience team of managers that has built the company’s strong reputation in the construction industry.

Director – Steven Drabsch

Steven is the director, owner, operator and manager of the company. He has built his reputation on his hands-on approach and personal involvement to each and every project.

Steven is a commercial/industrial builder with an excellent record in the construction industry. He is a Open Licensed Builder in his own right and has been building in North Queensland for more than 25 years.

Workplace Health & Safety Adviser – Richard Unwin

Richard has many years experience of Workplace Health & Safety Advisory in the construction industry.

Richards roles include assisting the company to meet their obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 and advising the supervisor and director on health and safety issues, implementing workplace health and safety related initiatives, raising awareness of health and safety, performing workplace inspections and helping with the functioning of the health and safety committee.

In the construction industry, Workplace Health & Safety training and compliance requirements are constantly changing, and Richard ensures that all employees are up to date with their necessary qualifications.

Richard reviews training opportunities, programs and workshops and identifies legal requirements and advises on the health and safety requirements for each project.

Administration Manager – Lucy Rochester

Lucy has been a part of East Coast Designer Builders for more than three years providing administrative management for all day-to-day operations.

Lucy is responsible for complete and accurate accounts of the financial transactions for the company as a whole, as well as various administrative responsibilities, as requested by management.

Site Supervisor – Ewan Gallop

Ewan has 25 years experience in the construction in industry in Cairns and North Queensland.

His on site construction experience includes, construction, site developments, earthworks, demolition and environmental management.

Ewan’s supervisory experience is in directing and controlling all phases of site activities associated with construction activities including domestic, industrial, and commercial projects.

Ewan’s General site experience includes overall responsibility for management, administration and supervision of the project, subcontract teams, environmental, health & safety, document control, CQA/QC

His roles include: